'The sky is that beautiful old parchment wherein the sun and the moon keep their diaries'.
Alfred Kreymbora

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skywatch Friday
February 10th, 2012

Similkameen Skies

A pretty sunrise, but otherwise skies in the Similkameen

have been wispy, foggy and downright dreary.

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  1. This is so pretty. Too bad it's leading up to a dreary day. We have blue skies with puffy white clouds. Maybe I should take my camera when I go out today.

  2. Such a beautiful way to begin a day -- even if it turns dreary later! Wonderful capture for the day, Hildred! Happy SWF! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  3. A lovely shot with beautiful colours!
    I wish you a Happy Friday!

  4. Yes indeed the Winter sky can be "wispy dreary" for a good long while. Looks like you caught the pretty moment of the day though!

  5. Well, I am glad you got to see this beautiful sunrise. I hope the dreary weather goes away. Thanks for sharing your lovely skies, Happy skywatching!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pretty and fragile colors in your sky this week. And thank you for the kind comments on my post. Great quote from Alfred Kreymbora too.

  7. Beautiful scene.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. Hi Hildred, These are wonderful "memory" skies! I sure hope you & Charles feel better. We seem to have escaped the bug.